Sunday, July 24, 2011


Ack, once again, I am horrible at keeping up with this thing! Why is it so hard to update everyday, like I vowed to do when I started this?!

 Ah well, so big news. I am officially PART TIME at WDW!! Merch, in the BBB!!! I am so completely stoked and so ready to start! Think I'm finished with Attractions for awhile, looking forward to trying something new! And with Merch, I can pick up shifts anywhere, any park (including Pirates League!) Everyone says sorry that I'm not a fairy godmother in training but honestly, I think I'm grateful. The stories I've heard and thinking of touching some of those girls' hair....eh. I'm totally ok with selling the merchandise and OMG I work in the freakin castle!!!! Jason got part time at the League so we will both be here for the holidays! I can hardly believe it. ((now we're kinda rivals, princesses and pirates. lol)) I'm currently applying for another part time job as well, wish more than anything it could be WWOHP ((OMG speaking of! Forgot to add the most magical, epic ending to the HP films! So, me, Clara, and Nikki dressed up (really well) and went to the midnight showing of the final movie, at Universal Citywalk. There were signs everywhere saying stay through the credits for a once in a lifetime opportunity......they came in at the end and announced from 3-5 am, we were getting free admission into WWOHP!!!!! 2500 of us who saw the midnight showing--OMG it was amazing!! We walked onto a red carpet into Hogsmeade, took a butterbeer into the castle--gahh so incredible! We toasted to my new job--it was pretty awesome night!
 So, need to go to bed so I'll continue with this challenge (hope I can finish it before my CP ends! lol)

Day #19: Your least favorite Pixar film
 Ah pretty easy one.....

Yeah i know, I know, Cars 2 has come out and it has Larry the Cableguy and it's such a big franchise but i did not enjoy this movie. Some funny moments, I spose but Owen Wilson's voice drives me crazy and i just thought it was a stupid plotline. That and I like most of the other Pixar movies! So there we have it. 
 Got to go to bed--work in the AM! 

 *faith* trust* and pixie dust
  ((Dreams really do come true!!)) :-D

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Days Go By.........

 ah, sigh. welcome back, readers. Not that I expect many to be reading but for those who care about how my life is going, I hope you enjoy/are interested in reading.
 So about 5 1/2 weeks before my College Program ends. It was an unforgettable experience but god I am ready to shake those 2 letters away from my name: CP. I hate the word, as I hate hell, all Disney cast members and thee (not really :-P) But I have an interview for Part Time and hope to God something good comes of it! I am applying for the Pirates League/Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique overall, even Merch. in those two places. Then it's a couple of other random roles, like a merch place in HS, or merch place in MK. or an attraction in HS. So we'll just see what happens. I NEED a job. I have no idea what I'll do if Disney doesn't take me. I can't apply again to Universal for another 90 days (some bullshit I had no idea about when I put in an application for a position I didn't really want!) I'm so ready to be able to stop living paycheck to paycheck. I disappoint my mom every time I call home for more money and to tell her I owe more on the credit card :-( But seriously what do I want to DO?! I don't even know anymore. I always wanted to work for Disney but that's not much of a future. I am looking more and more into theatre teacher for little ones. I dunno. I feel like time is running out though, that I need a game plan STAT. *sigh*
 ah well, on to the challenge! (Maybe I'll actually finish this before my program is up!)
Day #18: Your favorite Pixar film

Hmmm, well as much as I love Toy Story I'd have to say Finding Nemo is my favorite. I love the movie so much, it's such a great storyline and the animation of the ocean is just gorgeous! Being in the Seas, you'd think I would get SO sick of Nemo but on the contrary, I love it and still watch it nonstop (plus I LOOOOVE the musical!) 

 So guess that's about it! Jason and Joshua are in town right now and we are having a blast! I love that I'm able to get them into Disney and share some magic with them! (Just took them to Turtle Talk and the Seas tonight and they loved it!) They leave on the 5th, and I'm determined to work as much as I possibly can after that (everyones hours have been cut back horribly!) 

 Faith*Trust* and *Pixie Dust* everyone! (and happy thoughts!)


Sunday, June 26, 2011


 LOL my title isn't referring to aliens or the Yankees :-P 2 of my best friends from college are coming to visit us for a whole week! I barely have any hours while they are here so I shudder to think what my paycheck will be like :-/ but I'm so super excited to see them again! We have a lot of fun things planned--my first Character Dining, at the Grand Floridian Resort and Spa! And we are HOPEFULLY doing Harry Potter world--maybe it's better that I DON'T go, so I don't spend money on costume pieces I want to wear for the midnight premiere! :-P
  So I wanted to write a little post about my sad lovelife, or lack thereof but I decided not to--too depressing and it's too late (or early) to get into all that.

Day #17: Your least favorite classic

 Eh, probably Snow White. Even though she IS the character everyone says I look like the most, the movie bugs me and that princess irritates me! (Specially her voice--though I do a great impersonation, lol)  And for gods sakes, who takes an apple from a creepy old lady when they KNOW someone is out to kill them! Jeez :-P 
 But yeah. probably my least favorite. I also wasn't a fan of Black Cauldron, though to be fair, I didn't completely finish it. I like most of the old classics though. Peter Pan, Robin Hood, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, 101 Dalmations, etc. etc. 
 Ooh so sidenote. I started doing something to make my job even more fun and now I'm being called the Mermaid Princess of the Seas. My dream come true!! :-P Now I just want to find some sea shell jewelry I can wear to work so I can really feel like a mermaid. lol! 

 Night all! Til next time-
  *faith* trust* and pixie dust*


Friday, June 17, 2011


Ugh, once again, I've been away for too long. It's taking me 6 months to finish this 30 day Disney challenge! LOL. I guess I haven't wanted to write much lately. I'm getting discouraged and starting to think and reevaluate again. Those age old questions "what am I doing", "how long is this going to last", "will I ever get the dream job", and so on!
 So it's mid June. I've been in Florida for about 5 months now. I like it better than Memphis--I miss my family and my friends and my old job.
 I don't love Florida weather. It's too freaking hot here, I break a sweat going outside to my car for a second.
 I HATE Florida drivers and the tourists aren't much better. I kinda miss Memphis drivers, driving like a bat out of hell :-P
 I love the friends I have met down here. I love the Seas people and management, it really is the best place in Epcot and I think one of the best places, management wise, in the parks!
 I went to a character audition today. Didn't make the cut. Wasn't expecting a princess but at least hoped this 43 lbs I have lost might make a difference. It didn't :-( But a lot of people got cut and they are gorgeous people! So who knows what they were looking for.
 I'm not looking into Universal. I really want to work in the WWOHP (Harry Potter) and I think I would really enjoy it, whatever I work, whether it's the rides or the shops. I'm becoming slightly disenchanted with Disney as a company because I have seen how it operates and I don't love it :-(
 I've been thinking more and more of going to New York. Or Chicago. Maybe doing theatre for youth or even a childrens theatre. I've also been thinking of going back and studying History and becoming a History teacher (ya know Gwynyth Paltrow on Glee?? That's totally how I would be...dressing up and doing the accents and everything, it brings history to life!)
 Ya know what I really want? I want a museum that does reenactments. Anyone seen Night at the Museum 2? Well, at the end, the museum is kept open at night and all of the exhibits come to life and the visitors think they are all reenactments. I would LOVE to do something like that! I wonder if I could find anything like that :-P
 Ooh and 2 of our best friends, Joshua and Jason, are coming to visit us in 2 weeks! I'm super excited! I miss those boys like crazy and I think we are all going to have a blast seeing the city together!
 So anyway, that's my latest update. On to the challenge!
Day #16: Your favorite classic

Ok well, since Little Mermaid was in 1989, I don't really consider it a classic. And I have talked about nothing else so I'll pick another movie, lol. 

   Peter Pan! 1953, I love nearly all versions of this movie but I love the animation, music, and the characters! Definitely my favorite classic Disney film of all time. When they start calling Little Mermaid a classic, I'll have to change that statement. Lol. 

 That's about it for now!

 *Faith*Trust* and *Pixie Dust* 

Sunday, May 29, 2011

ho hum ho hum

So right into it.
Day #15: The first movie you saw.

 Undoubtedly, Little Mermaid. It was released in 1989 and I would have been 2 (almost 3). I do know that my mom had to replace my VHS copy of it because it was so worn out. Twice. :-) It was and still is the best movie of all time!

 Yep, so that's it. Night folks


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Baaaack! and Sick!

Ok so I promised to update more often and have not held to that promise so far :-P Work has been crazy and my family was here last week visiting me. So now I'm missing them plus I'm sick. (not just family sick...I'm not home sick cause I don't miss memphis but i miss my friends and family!) So I had an awesome time with my family! It was everyone's first trip to Disney! We went to MK on Tuesday and Animal Kingdom and Epcot on Thursday. It was so amazing showing them where I worked and they all loved Turtle Talk. We watched Wishes together--it was just an incredible week. I miss my mom sooooooooooooooooo much. She is my best friend and I know I have to have my independence and all that but god do I miss her! I am planning a visit home in September so I can't wait for that.
 Well it's already May. 3 more months of my program and hopefully I will be here at Disney part time. Or maybe Universal. Who knows. Maybe both! :-D
 I'm sick again. Finally went to the doc and got an antibiotic. I have severe sinusitis, which is what Jason had last time we were sick. I got it this time. Ugh. How do teachers defend themselves against all the germs from working with kids?!
 Ok so I am more tired than I thought so on to Day Day #14 (almost finished!) : Your favorite kiss

Ok this is a toughie! I mean the Disney Kiss is....well, it's everything in the movies. There's the classic kisses, then there's the more modern Disney movies--I mean I honestly don't know! Snow White's kiss from her prince was pretty amazing, I mean it brought her back to life! And Phillip's kiss woke up Sleeping Beauty/Briar Rose. "True Love's Kiss". ha, is there such a thing?! Oh god, this is heading into a rant I wasn't planning on. I think I would have to say when Eric twirls Ariel around and kisses her and then the scene changes into their wedding. But I also love Tiana's and Naveen's kiss that breaks the spell and the dialogue "you just kissed yourself a princess". "and I'm about to do it again"  :-D 
 I'm a sucker for the disney kiss. It's classic. It's epic. It's magical. 

 And on that note, good night! :-)


Thursday, April 28, 2011

Finally back!!

Sorry guys, know it's been awhile since my last post. A) I've been really busy with extra hours and B) I haven't really had anything to say. Scratch that, I haven't wanted to say what was on my mind. But writing it all down has always helped me out a great deal. So that's what I'm doing here now.
 So I have a confession. I am getting burned out :-( never thought it would happen, but it's not just me. I mean I talk to the other CPs and we are working 10, 11, 12 hour shifts every day! It's too much and we are getting burned out too fast. Jason says I have to find ways of making magical moments for myself as well as the guests. But I try to do that everyday.
 (btw I did receive another Guest Fanatic Card! My manager was out by me while I was working greeter and I got the age old question--how many Mickey Mouses are there? Answer. Just one. The guest kept asking and asking and the answer never changes. So I was given a card for preserving the magic. A magical moment for me, I must add :-D Don't get me wrong. I LOVE my job, love what I do, love the people and the management! But I don't love the pay and I don't love the long hours. We are losing 4 more people at the Seas soon and I don't know HOW we are going to stay afloat (haha!) We are so short staffed as it is.
 I have 4 more months of this! I wish I had just done my program until May. I would be applying for part time positions right now and would be making more money and not going insane with crazy hours. My mom is coming for a week and I have most of those days off so that will be really great for me. Plus I miss her like crazy. I don't miss Memphis. But I miss my family and my friends and my dog and my old job at the museum (and the pay!) and hate Florida weather and bugs and drivers! Ok so after nearly 4 months down here, I think I can complain now :-P It's just really hard to look past August and see a bright future with this company that I am SO in love with. It's scary, I have had my heart set on coming to Orlando and making a future here and now I am daydreaming of other places, perhaps Disneyland in Cali. Or somewhere else.
 I guess another frustration is my weight. I have lost nearly 30 lbs since moving down here. It's not happening fast enough for me. Now I accepted years ago I don't have the look or face for a princess. But    I AM hoping to be friends with someone else (particularly one of Cindy's stepsisters!) All of the performers I see are skinny and beautiful and seriously, when is it my turn? I realize I have to work my way up to it all and just be patient but WHEN??!
.....yeah, I am like Ariel.
"When's it my turn? Wouldn't I love, love to explore that shore up above ((entertainment)) out of the sea ((ha!)) wish I could be, part of that world."
.....Well, anyway! Jason and I are going to try to go into Casting soon and see if we can get a straight answer when would be the best time to apply for full time. I am hoping very much to work Merch for Pirates League or the BBB. I figure I might have a chance to work my way up in the BBB if I start out in Merch. Jason really wants me to work in the Pirates League. We could have SO much fun together (and merch and pirate masters really dont see each other all that often) plus the hours! They close at like 5! If I wanted to, I could work evenings at the Seas and not be doing the same thing everyday. I just think more possibilities might open up if I'm not working 11 hours everyday :-P So please wish me luck. I don't know what the future holds for me but I would love the promise of a brighter future because I am getting so exhausted, mentally and physically with what I'm doing. I understand it is because I am a CP. So I really cannot say anything, I knew what I was signing up for. Apparently many other CPs didn't. :-P
 So, back to the challenge! Day #13: Your least favorite song
   Oh this one is too easy for me! "You've got a friend in me" from Toy Story. I HATE that song! And it's so much worse because Epcot plays it every damn day I go into work!! Randy Newman cannot sing and I think he sucks compared to Alan Menken! (Still pissed Tangled lost to Toy Story soundtracks at the Oscars) but I cannot listen to it, not for one second. UGH.
 yeah so that was probably the easiest question for me on this challenge. LOL 
 Oh another thing...I miss theatre. SOOOOOOOOOO much. I wish I had the time to be in a play, or go see a play, or even had the chance to go to a workshop of some kind. (ooooh don't get me started on that one!) But I miss being on the stage so freakin much. I hope to be able to audition for Candlelight Processional (Disney's Christmas Chorus kinda thing, it's so beautiful!) I know I still wanna be here at Christmas time (well I know I will, I mean our lease isn't up til January) but again, I hope I'll still be loving whatever it is I am doing. 

 I didn't mean for this to end up a rant post but I guess it did a bit. The magic is still alive for me. Always has been, always will be. Jason and I are going to the beach on Sunday! Yayy! 

 Til next time readers, *faith*trust* and pixie dust!