Monday, October 25, 2010


 Ok, so ever since I got back from Orlando I have been on the GO! Mid-terms and BFA auditions and working Wicked at the Orpheum, oh my! :-) So a recap on our trip.
 The drive SUCKS. But we saw our first Florida sunrise! lol. We left Memphis around 5 on Saturday and drove straight through. Got to Cole's house about 7, Sunday morning and fell into bed! We got up around noon and decided to just go look at our list of properties....we eliminated several by just pulling up and looking :-) We finished looking at properties and stopped by Cheesecake Factory :-D god im excited about being near that place. lol. So we decided to spend the evening at Downtown Disney....walked around for a bit then headed back to Cole's and watched some cake challenge. Got up the next morning and started going into apartment offices. NIGHTMARE. For some STUPID reason, Orlando has this thing where you have to make between $$ and $$. Well, we found out we were making too much money at Disneyworld to qualify for most of the places we looked at. Our max was 650....we both have other bills to pay like student loans, car payments, etc. so 650 was our absolute max......they seem to think because we will be making decent money at our new job we can afford an 800/mo apartment! Uh NO! So our moms told us to pick up an apartment guide and try again....so we did. We sat in a Publix parking lot for about an hour, calling different places we found. Most of them I called were like 10 mins from Disney and running "fantastic specials....only 1400 for a 2 bedroom!"   :-X  So we found one called Heron Lake and it looked really nice so of course I expected them to be way too expensive. Nevertheless, I called...lady says "we're running a fantastic special" (great, what is it? 950 for a 1 bedroom?!) and she says 651 for a 2 bed/2 bath...washer and dryer included. We rushed over to see it and fell in love. It is about 15-20 mins away from Disney, depending on traffic, located in Kissimmee. Ya know Medieval Times? yeah there is a giant castle right down the street from us! lol. The apartments are where the street starts to get a tad shady but the apartments are beautiful! There's a nice fitness area, a pool, spa, wi-fi, and then the apartment is a 2 bed/2 bath...we are on the 2nd floor, where we have a lovely screened in porch--im so excited about that! my bedroom has a huge walk-through closet......the bathroom is on the other side of the closet. its pretty sweet! we basically have our own wings in this place. We immediately went back to the office and filled out the application and put down a deposit. She said it would be about 10 days before we knew anything....we were scared cause Jason has had some credit problems in the past and we hoped it wouldn't affect signing a lease. Well, Saturday while Jason was in the Disney Store, she called and told us we were approved! So our official move in date is Jan 13th. Everything is coming together soooooo great right now. Now waiting for one more piece of good news (well actually 2, I'm still hoping and wishing and praying I get either performer or transferred to the Boutique) but we're still waiting to find out if Jason got performer.....I'm hoping and praying he has. He has a very good chance and he got really far in the audition. He'd be perfect for it! Anyway, as much as I want the BBB or performer, I want him to get his dream first! So we'll just see. Keep your fingers crossed and wish on a star for both of us :-)
Ooh, so to finish up the trip: Monday after we left Heron Lake, we went back to Cole's and met one of his friends who was also in Entertainment. We all went to MK together....they took us the back way, into cast parking and through the Grand Floridian....so cool! Jason and I couldn't help but giggle as we thought about the fact that we worked there now!! We mainly spent our time in Tomorrowland, since neither of us had been there much and we met up with another of their friends. We all clicked immediately and had a great night at MK, then went to watch Wishes before we left (yes we cried. again. :-P) We all headed back to Cole's to order pizza and watch the newest Tinkerbell movie. Then we just walked around the neighborhood talking. It's going to be so amazing moving there and having nights like that all the time!! We got to sleep in a bit and stopped by Heron Lake once more to do a video tour before heading back to Memphis. It was raining and COLD as we got back in...I guess just a reflection of our mood on being back in Memphis :-) Anyway, we have about 80 days before we move in and time is flying by! Can't believe Halloween is this weekend! I have to work on my costume!! I have a pretty blue prom dress Jason altered for me several years ago and I will either do Galinda (Wicked) or Cinderella. I probably won't decide til the last minute :-) Jason wanted to turn me into Lottie, which I would LOVE (I want some MAN-catching beignets!!) :-) but I just don't have the time/money to look for a costume. So Galinda and Cindy would both be fun. After Halloween, one of our friends who is a photographer is doing a Peter Pan themed shoot, with Jason as Peter, me as Wendy and Christina (my roomie) as Tinkerbell. So I have to get on finding an authentic looking Wendy costume too. Eek! Ah well, suppose I better start on this massive load of homework and studying.
 Until next time,
 *faith* trust* and *pixie dust*

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Post-Audition and Pre-Orlando!

 So I apologize I never made a blog about how my audition went. It was the day of my birthday and I literally never stopped going after it was over :-)
 So Jason and I left for Nashville around 4:30-5:00 and got into town around 8ish. It was thunderstorming the entire way and big trucks were all over the road. We stayed with his uncle George, who was so great to us and had a BEAUTIFUL place! Both of us had a hard time getting to sleep....
 We woke up, dressed, had some breakfast and warmed up a little with some exercises. Both my parents called me to wish me Happy Birthday and I had received several early morning birthday texts. Jason gave me a singing princess card, which made me smile. We left a little late and the dance studio was about 25 mins away. We listened to Wishes the whole way there :-)
 When we auditioned 2 years ago, we were the first ones there....we even waited in the lobby til they opened the doors. This time we were some of the last ones to arrive....thank God I had Jason with me, cause the moment I walked into that room and saw everyone, my heart sank to my feet! We chatted in line and then met up with a facebook friend, Marie, who had gotten accepted already but was also auditioning. We found a space on the floor and tried to spread out....there were a lot of people though. Tiffany explained what we would be doing....we would do an animation exercise and then she would teach a dance routine that would get harder as it goes along (wonderful! I'm already a horrible dancer. bring on the difficult routine!)
 One thing that interested me....I knew what the audition would consist of. The animation exercise was pretend you're meeting your favorite character in the park.....now pretend you're eating your favorite food. I had practiced beforehand! I mean I had a good one. But I saw on the disney boards, people telling about the exercise.....so I think Disney found out and changed it. So we did two animation exercises, which I won't reveal because auditions are still happening--and we learned the routine. I barely got through it but at least I never stopped smiling. I always do horribly in dance auditions, because I KNOW it's my greatest weakness and I know it's gunna stop me from getting that part. BUT... I did my animation exercises big and smiling. So we ran through the routine several times (LOTS of turns and jumps and I was just jumping all over the place, looked like a freakin antelope going the wrong way) and then we went out in the hallway to wait. They called us in groups of 5 or 6 at a time to do the animation, dance, animation, dance. From there, they would pick people to pull aside to take pictures of (if they looked like a face character) or to dance again. I felt good; I left still smiling. (NOTE: Jason got asked to stay!! They took his pic, and told him to show them his hairline for wig purposes....I'm SOO freakin excited for him...I know good things are coming his way!)
 So I sat in the hall and waited for him....they told us since Nashville was one of the first cities, it would be about 4 weeks before we hear anything. I went in not expecting to get a character and I left expecting it too. As I said, I'm not the right body type and don't have the pretty princess face. But we both went in telling each other "WE'RE IN! We're already in Disney so let's just have fun". And we did! We had a great time. And ya know what? I was OK! 2 Years ago, (granted they did tell us right there if we passed the audition or not) I found out I didn't pass and I was bawling in the car. This time I was fine--so happy for Jason and just kept smiling the whole time. Who knows what will happen??? Am I still hoping I'm wrong and somehow I can get a fur character?? Oh definitely! But I'm working in the most magical place on earth, what else could I ask for? And my best friend might possibly get his dream come true! Nothin' better than that! (I'm also hoping that some girls who got in BBB get character performer and leave some open spaces....hey, ya never know :-)
 So after the audition Jason and I were FAMISHED. So he took me out for a great birthday lunch at Applebees. My mom had bought me a Birthday Princess ribbon with Ariel on it (no, I didn't wear it to auditions :-P so I stuck that on my shirt and put my tiara on (yes I keep a spare tiara with me at all times. LOL j/k. My birthday is the only day a year it's ok for me to wear it, lol.) I walked in and the servers called "Happy Birthday! It is your birthday right? It's that or you're a princess" and Jason was like "both". lol. So we ate, talked, had a good time, headed back to town and went to a fabulous birthday dinner at Red Lobster with my mom. It was a great birthday and I am totally continuing my celebration this weekend when we go back to Orlando :-D Sucks we both have to work before we leave but it's ok; we're gong down to look for apartments again, hoping to find something closer to Disney this time. We're staying with our friend Cole, who is friends with several handsome princes at Disney World :-) So we're pretty excited. We're not going to MNSSHP but we are getting into Magic Kingdom Sunday night :-) Then Mon and Tues we are apartment hunting. I'm so excited and so ready to be back---and we might even have a unit reserved for move in!
 So there's the audition blog I promised.....if you could, please keep your fingers crossed for me. I want a performer but I want BBB too. Neither seem in my reach right now but things have a way of working themselves out, somehow. They told us at auditions that they only take 200 for CP Entertainment........I don't like my odds. But we'll see!
 Hope everyone has a wonderful, magic-filled weekend! :-)


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I'm not that girl....

So one quick important thing....I filled out all of my forms for graduation....I'm graduating in December!! It may not seem like a huge deal cause we figure, yeah most people graduate college, but not in my family. It's a pretty big deal to me--and I'm one of three cum laude in my college! I'm SO excited.

So, people always ask why I want to work for Disney. Why my dream is to be standing in the hot sun in one of those big hot costumes with so little pay? Truth is, I don't know if I can express my love for Disney with words....they're just too complicated. But I have always loved what magic cast members can spread and have always wanted to make a child smile. I am currently in a show called "The Kallahoney Kids vs the Shadow Monsters: A very nearly scary story with Jazz featuring the Lady Who Lives in the Curtains". -whew-. It's a childrens show and I play the Lady who lives in the Curtains. I love going out and greeting the kids afterward. I love making them laugh. Maybe it's what I was born to do. So being in those big costumes is still a dream because it's the chance to make a child laugh.

I look at pictures of girls who play princesses in the Disney parks and realize I will never be that girl. I'm not the gorgeous slim little thing with lustrous hair and a curvy waist. I never have been. I've been ok with that for most of my life.....until I realize what I want most might be blocked by my body. Don't get me wrong; I'm not huge and I don't have THAT bad of a self-image...so I don't want people rolling their eyes going "AniKa, shut up, quit being so down on yourself". It's just a fact I have come to face; I'm not that bodytype. It's not easy for me to lose weight and both my families have big hips and wide thighs.....it's my body type and it's not likely to change.
 SO. After I realized this, I decided I would start a new dream. And chase it. So I decided I would one day work in the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique (for those who do not know, it's a salon that does little girls' hair nails make-up, etc.) so I took a make-up class and tried to learn to do hair and learned face painting....and I prayed. I prayed sooooo hard for this role, I thought I had a chance. But I didn't get it. SO I can't help wonder what God has in store for me. Maybe there's a reason I didn't get BBB.....maybe something bigger is waiting for me. So I'm still going to audition for performer next week. I figured why not, if I don't pass the audition then I'm at least still in Disney! I'm nervous and terrified but I feel like I'm more prepared and I feel like this time will be different. Who knows! I don't necessarily want the beautiful princess....I'd be so happy with a sidekick or a villain or anything! Give me the random character people say "what movie was that one from??" and I'll be happy....I'll still be making kids laugh


Saturday, October 2, 2010


So I finally caved--every since acceptances started going out, blogs and vlogs are spreading like wild fire around the Disney boards. I used to have one but never had time for it so we'll try this again. First, a little about me.
---I'm 22 years old (soon to be 23!) and still a huge kid at heart
---Little Mermaid is my favorite movie of all time; though people say I'm Belle in looks and personality, Ariel is still my favorite.
---I'm a theatre major and about to graduate in December; I picked my major because I wanted to one day work for Disney. My ultimate goal is to be a princess or a character---but that's a long way off, so I'm happy with where I am
--I have unhealthy obsessions with Disney and Harry Potter. Seriously, I can quote anything and have even done fanfiction of both
---I have one tattoo: a heart with a crown around it and in the heart it says "Dream". Remember the scene in Little Mermaid where Ursula pulls up a heart with a crown around it telling Ariel she has 3 days? That's it! I designed it when I was 8. It was my birthday present for my 20th birthday from my mom
---Speaking of my mom, she is the most amazing person in my life and my best friend. I'm super nervous about moving to Orlando because I have never been away from her for very long
---I got accepted into the Disney College Program as an Attractions cast member. My best friend of 4 years got accepted into Merchandise. We are both going to audition to be character performers. (I'm slowly turning him into a huge Disney nerd and I love it!)
---Despite how terrified I am of the changes and financial struggles I will face in Orlando, I have never been more excited in my life.

....so there you have it! I'm starting a new chapter in my life in January--will say goodbye to Memphis, my hometown for 19 years and saying hello to a brand new place, new job, new home, new people! I am extremely grateful that I will have my best friend by my side to help make the move a little easier...he'll be a little piece of home for me   :-)

I should have started this when I first applied, then you could have seen an email acceptance post, a purple folder post, etc. but alas, I am just starting and catching you all up. Most importantly, I'm excited about all of the friends I have made on the Disney boards...people who are waiting impatiently as I am and people who are going to share the most magical experience of our lives!

 Until next time, faith* trust* and pixie dust!
 <3 <3 <3