Wednesday, December 29, 2010

30 Day Disney Challenge: Day One

This might only work if I can get online everyday, huh? lol. Well, I wanted to participate in this but it won't be every day....just every day that I have internet and that I can get online to update this, haha. Anyway-

 I apologize for the angry post the other day. Today's post is going to be first number of the challenge and my explanation (or my attempt at an explanation) some characters WILL be repeats, I can tell you that right now :-)

Day One: Favorite Character

Ariel (The Little Mermaid) has been my favorite since I was a baby. I don't know how many copies of the movie my mom had to buy, I kept re-watching it over and over--I'd be in the bath tub and do the "Part of your world" part and splash water ALL over the floor. Even when I started to crawl, I dragged my legs behind me like a fin--soon, my mom bought me a fin I could put on and I refused to take it off. I walked around grocery stores with a fin on my legs. lol
  This is weird because I am most like Belle, in personality and in looks. I'm not a whole lot like Arel--except the whole "don't feel like I belong here" kind of thing. Wanting to be part of another world. I can definitely relate to that one. But I've never wanted to trade anying on my body just for a man :-P Never fallen in love at first sight either. Nevertheless, Ariel has always been my favorite (and I LOVE Jodi Benson's voice...I could listen to her day and night for the rest of my life and never get tired of it!)
My mom actually just gave me a singing Ariel doll for Christmas this year :-D I love it!

Coming in close 2nd to my favorite character is Flynn Ryder from the newest one, Tangled. He is charming and adorable and a sweetheart--and he makes the ultimate sacrifice. I mean, the heroes have rescued the damsels but damn, what he does! I bawled and melted at the same time :-) I'm sure I'll be putting him for my favorite hero later on in the countdown.

Anyway, that's it on my "Disney talk" for the day. lol--Hope everyone had a very merry Christmas! I'm excited for New Years--I have a good friend coming into town for a few days and I will be ringing in the new year with my best friend and some of my closest friends--and we'll be toasting to whatever is to come in 2011. 2 weeks until we leave for Florida!!!


til next time
 faith*trust*and pixie dust

Monday, December 27, 2010

Hurt and Angry

So, I have something to say that I have needed to get off my chest. I kinda close down when it comes to emotions (sometimes) and I have the bad habit of just exploding, either in tears or in a stream of curse words.
 I am so angry at my father. And Dad, if you are reading this...I am MAD at you! I am angry and hurt. Do you realize that your only daughter graduated from college? And with honors?! I got a text from you the morning of my graduation, right after I walked and it was something stupid about how you lost your job again and you were back on the road. Guess what? I AM FREAKING PISSED. Aunt Gigi and Jen were the ONLY ones from my dad's side of the family who acknowdged my graduation. I am so extremely grateful for that. Seriously, I am not asking for money (although some finiancial assitance for your DAUGHTER would be much appreciated) but just a congratulations, even a card would be so nice! I know money is tight...so you can't send a 2 dollar card with a few simple words of pride in it??!

...My dad ruined my high school graduation. I'm sorry, it's true, he ruined it and I was crying the whole way home. ((for those who don't know the story, it's long so I'll just say he came into town for my ceremony with his mother and brother and he was supposed to take me to dinner after the ceremony)) After I walked, I called him and he was heading back home! I never even saw him.

My 21st birthday....I spent it in Chicago with my former roomie and our friend--for some reason I wanted to see Dad...he said he would take me to dinner. He showed up with a new girlfriend, I PAID for my own birthday lunch and then when we were supposed to spend the day together, he said he had to go home to finish LAUNDRY. OH-MY-GOD you selfish, selfish man!!!! I cried after he left and my friends did their best to cheer me up on my birthday.

Seriously Dad...I hope you're reading this. I have had an awful history with you...if you remember the letter I wrote to you when I was really young...you probably don't. You don't care about anything but yourself. So why would you read the writings of a 23 year old girl? Nevermind that I'm your only daughter.
 My mom and I drove up to Iowa to see my family this summer....thank God I had my cousins because I wouldn't have been able to last without them. This was my last chance to see everyone before I move to Florida. I wanted to spend time with Dad but he had to get back to clean his house!!!!

I know many of you are reading this and are probably wincing at the akward-ness this post brings up. I am sorry if you feel the tension. But I am sick of me asking Mom "is it wrong for me to be angry with him? Mom, do I have a right to feel hurt right now?" and her answer is always the same. "He's very childish and very selfish. He'll never grow up".

I am really hurt, Dad. I just graduated from college with Magna Cum Laude and I have a JOB right out of college--a lot of college grads can't say that and I can. I would think I would get some recognition from you. I know you say you are so proud of me--please show it.

Thursday, December 23, 2010


 I meant to update right after my graduation but of course I have not had a lot of time. Exactly three weeks until we move into our new apartment! WHOA.

 So I graduated from college this past weekend. It still hasn't really hit me yet. I decided to walk at the last minute because....guess what....I graduated with honors! Magna Cum Laude :-D So I wanted to walk to get my honors cord. My mom and Jason were there. 2 of the most important people in my life, I'm so grateful they were there. They butchered my name of course but at least I walked and I did it. I finished. My mom wants to try to graduate next December so I am hoping to come back for that. I am the first of my immediate family to graduate from college. Again, WHOA. The ceremony was long and boring but we went to Chili's afterwards for lunch and then Mom threw me a party the next day. I didn't really stay out and party because 1) I'm not much of a partier and 2) Our kitten, Evie, had surgery and we wanted to keep a close eye on her. She's doing well, though and all ready to move into her new home soon :-) Of course, I have to leave my baby beagle Dixie Belle behind and its going to kill me but it is just not fair to take a dog to an apartment where I'll be working all the time. She'll be happier with my mom. Mom won't be but Dixie will :-)

So what else...I FINALLY started packing last night. One box down, a zillion to go! lol no I just need to clean my room and figure out what is going...I KNOW I have so much trash, I just can't make myself start packing. But I don't want to be scrambling to do it the night before we leave and have Jason all packed and waiting. haha, guess I'll get on that aftter Christmas.

So we got some good news....well, possible good news. Disney Casting called Jason and they had a little interview for another role he would be PERFECT for. We won't jinx it and tell everyone but you, blog followers, will be the first to know as soon as we know :-) lol. Now I'm still keeping my fingers crossed for GMR or TOT. or by miracle I can get BBB upon arrival (I know it won't happen but it doesn't hurt to wish does it :-P)

Anyway, thats about it...hope everyone has a completely wonderful Christmas and New Years!!
 until next time
faith*trust* and pixie dust

Sunday, December 5, 2010

I'm Almost There!

 3 days! THREE days left of college! THREE! My god, I thought it would never get here and here it is, in three days, I will be finished. Now this is a big deal for me...neither of my parents graduated from college (though my mom has 2 more classes and she will graduate!) I'm not walking in the ceremony but I am getting lots of pictures taken in my cap and gown and my mom is throwing me a big party. That being said...
 6 weeks left in Memphis! SIX! Wow, I can't believe it...I know I should want time to slow down so I can spend time with family and friends but I am ready to GO!
 I've been having such wonderful dreams for the past couple of nights--I hope and pray they mean good things are on the horizon for me.
...Something that  a friend of mine said the other day has stuck with me. She said we all had crazy plans and ideas when we first got to college--we all said we would do different things. I am actually DOING it. I've said since I was little that I would work for Disney and now I am finally doing it! It's kinda a big deal to me. I said 4 years ago in my first interview with the faculty I wanted to work for Disney one day and that has not changed--I am actually going! I dunno, I just realized it when she said it, how big it is for me to actually be the one who is doing what I said I'd do! That's so real and exciting to me!

So I didn't really have anything big to say, except that I graduate from college in 3 days :-D. We are doing another Shrek promo tomorrow night, which I'm really excited about cause there will be lots of kids--oh and one of my best friends is coming home from the Peace Corps next weekend! I am SO excited to see him again! It's felt like forever!

My best to everyone out there reading! Until next time,
 faith*trust*and pixie dust