Sunday, November 21, 2010

This is How a Dream comes true....

 So just a quick note on the amazing night I had last night.
My friends and I did a Shrek promo event at the Orpheum Theatre to promote Shrek the Musical coming in January. I was Princess Fiona (ogre form). I had SO-MUCH-fun! I had one night of being a princess and knowing how it feels to be a performer in Disney World. I had a few little girls come up to me and hug me and want pictures. It was such an incredible feeling. And the adults passed by and they whispered, "you all are VERY good" :-D Cameron said "yay for our BFA." lol

 So here is a pic of the three of us as Shrek, Fiona, and Donkey. Make up done by my best friend Jason and it looks AMAZING---unfortunately we did not have prosthetics for Shrek and rather than cut him, we made him wear a horrible mask. Still, Donkey and Fiona looked great and we had such a great time.

 We are supposed to have another promo at the Collierville mall in December...this is what I'm most excited for because there will be so many kids there. This was mainly to meet and greet people coming into the Auction last night but people walking downtown stopped to take pictures and such. It was just incredible.
It's what I want to do. We were tired, uncomfortable, I had to unscrew my smile after the night was over but it was an amazing feeling. So why can't a fat girl have that chance to play a princess?? I wonder if I could send these pictures to Universal Studios and say "can I have a job?" :-D lol
It was just finally my chance to play a princess...and I had the most wonderful time doing it. I hope and pray times a thousand I will get the chance to do this again, a lot more. Whether it be in Disney or a random birthday party company in Orlando, please let me play the princess that the little girl adores and wants to stand by because it is one of her most beloved characters.
 Every little's girl dream is to be a princess.....it's still my dream.

 *This is how a dream comes true, this is how I pictured you, climbing in to rescue me, this was always meant to be*--Princess Fiona, Shrek the Musical "This is How a Dream Comes True"

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


 Well something interesting I just found out...I've been added to the Hub. (A website just for Disney cast members to find out their schedules and such.)
 Apparently, our roles disappear on the Disney CP site once we have been placed. So that means I have an assignment already! God  PLEASE let it be a fun one--one I will really enjoy doing! I have been having a lot of dreams about GMR--I would LOVE that one! I actually requested 3 locations and my recruiter said she would do her very best to get me into one of those. -fingers crossed-
 So I think it's interesting to think a lot of us are getting placed now! Time is flying by--it won't be much longer before we're heading down there! I got giddy and giggly when reading about my arrival date and my Traditions class.

So I have a fun weekend ahead of me! Tomorrow night I'm seeing my best friend from high school, whom I have not seen in ages, and doing sushi and HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS!!! :-D I'm SUPER excited! Then Friday I have four performances with Voices of the South on our show, The Kalloney Kids vs the Shadow Monsters. Saturday night I am dressing up as Princess Fiona (in ogre form) for a Shrek the Musical promo event at the Orpheum (REALLY looking forward to that!!) and then having a girls night with some high school chiks I haven't seen in awhile. So it will be a nice change from work-school-homework-work-school-homework-work-work-school, etc.

Ah well, guess I'll get back to....work and homework and later school :-P

Have a magical day everyone!!

*faith*trust*and pixie dust!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I'll Try.....to fly

Ugg, I've fallen behind on my blogs. BUT, I got a notice from my graduation adviser that said I am now graduating magna cum laude! So working my ass off this semester seems to be paying off :-)

 Soo, let's see....Halloween was a lot of fun! I'm posting a pic of "Peter and Wendy", how me and Jason went for the party. I decided anything with a wig would be too much hassel and I threw together a Wendy costume at the last minute....as long as I stood next to Peter, everyone knew who I was :-) Jason, on the other hand, worked on his costume for some quite some time and it looked fantastic. Wacha think? :-)

....so we got some hard news this week. Jason heard back from Entertainment. He didn't get it :-( So he's stuck in Merch, at least until he can audition again. None of us can fathom it....he had such a wonderful audition and was asked to stay behind, dance again, was measured again, was recorded, and they took lots of pics of him. It was kinda heartwrenching to get his text that said "f*ck faith, trust, and pixie dust"
 but he can audition again in March....so we're hoping for the best with that. It seems that everyone who has been accepted are either girls or really tall guys. Perhaps they just weren't needing a Peter or Terrence at the moment. Of course, I got my email too...I didn't get it either but I wasn't expecting to. I wrote Disney an email asking them to reevaluate my interview and application. I explained to them that I have a lot of experience, both with hair/make up and kids. I will have a degree in December, I am planning to stay in Florida so I won't take off and run if I get the job. Please God, please please please let them consider it. I don't want to stand around and push a button. I want to be working closely with kids. I want to turn those little girls into princesses. I want to have that chance to make a child smile on their first trip to Disney World. I DON'T want to be wasting my degree. Don't get me wrong; working for Disney is a dream come true and I'll be happy to just be there. But I know this is what I want to do and how can I get into it after the program if they haven't given me a chance to do it during the CP? I feel like this is my last chance to work in the BBB. And I still think about it night and day and even dream about it. Forgive me, but why are the girls who have NO experience AND don't even really love the role, getting it over me???? I cannot fathom how I, who want it more than anything, can't get it and the girls who have gotten are like "well, it wasn't my first choice but I guess I'll like it"
 ....Both of us feel like we have been led on and f*cked over by Disney. Thanks for the one night stand, Disney...it wasn't so great! :-( What I mean is, well Jason had a great interview and everything that I just said that they did...well, we were sure he was going to get it.
And then with me, my interview was so great, she seemed impressed with my experience and usually in a DCP interview, they ask you questions about all your roles...I had 4 other roles and she didn't ask me anything BUT BBB questions--so I was like "wow...maybe I actually got it!" And then I got Attractions. So we were both led on to believe we were getting our dream. And shot down. Um...ouch.

So please, whoever you pray to, pray for me. Pray that I get a chance to fulfill my dream. Selfish time coming up.
I have always been a good friend. I am very loyal and very caring. I have always put others needs and desires before my own. I have never been a "bad girl", always done what I am supposed to, made good grades...not so much a goody-goody but kinda am. I gave up my dreams for love and had them torn up to pieces in right before my eyes. Not long after, I watched that love being torn to pieces. Is it so wrong to want something so badly and actually think I deserve it??? Is that selfish? If it is, then call me selfish cause I am so tired of wishing for others and not for myself. Aha, an epiphany...took long enough!

Well anyway, guess that's it. Just trying to get through the rest of the semester and my senioritis is kicking in hardcore. I'm just so ready to end it and start something new and wonderful.

Hope everyone is having a magical week! Lotsa love!

"I can finally see it, now I have to believe. All those precious stories. All the world is made of faith, and trust, and pixie dust.
 So I'll try. Cause I finally believe. I'll try, cause I can see what you see. I'll try.
I will try...............to fly"
 --I'll Try--Peter Pan II