Sunday, July 24, 2011


Ack, once again, I am horrible at keeping up with this thing! Why is it so hard to update everyday, like I vowed to do when I started this?!

 Ah well, so big news. I am officially PART TIME at WDW!! Merch, in the BBB!!! I am so completely stoked and so ready to start! Think I'm finished with Attractions for awhile, looking forward to trying something new! And with Merch, I can pick up shifts anywhere, any park (including Pirates League!) Everyone says sorry that I'm not a fairy godmother in training but honestly, I think I'm grateful. The stories I've heard and thinking of touching some of those girls' hair....eh. I'm totally ok with selling the merchandise and OMG I work in the freakin castle!!!! Jason got part time at the League so we will both be here for the holidays! I can hardly believe it. ((now we're kinda rivals, princesses and pirates. lol)) I'm currently applying for another part time job as well, wish more than anything it could be WWOHP ((OMG speaking of! Forgot to add the most magical, epic ending to the HP films! So, me, Clara, and Nikki dressed up (really well) and went to the midnight showing of the final movie, at Universal Citywalk. There were signs everywhere saying stay through the credits for a once in a lifetime opportunity......they came in at the end and announced from 3-5 am, we were getting free admission into WWOHP!!!!! 2500 of us who saw the midnight showing--OMG it was amazing!! We walked onto a red carpet into Hogsmeade, took a butterbeer into the castle--gahh so incredible! We toasted to my new job--it was pretty awesome night!
 So, need to go to bed so I'll continue with this challenge (hope I can finish it before my CP ends! lol)

Day #19: Your least favorite Pixar film
 Ah pretty easy one.....

Yeah i know, I know, Cars 2 has come out and it has Larry the Cableguy and it's such a big franchise but i did not enjoy this movie. Some funny moments, I spose but Owen Wilson's voice drives me crazy and i just thought it was a stupid plotline. That and I like most of the other Pixar movies! So there we have it. 
 Got to go to bed--work in the AM! 

 *faith* trust* and pixie dust
  ((Dreams really do come true!!)) :-D

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