Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Baaaack! and Sick!

Ok so I promised to update more often and have not held to that promise so far :-P Work has been crazy and my family was here last week visiting me. So now I'm missing them plus I'm sick. (not just family sick...I'm not home sick cause I don't miss memphis but i miss my friends and family!) So I had an awesome time with my family! It was everyone's first trip to Disney! We went to MK on Tuesday and Animal Kingdom and Epcot on Thursday. It was so amazing showing them where I worked and they all loved Turtle Talk. We watched Wishes together--it was just an incredible week. I miss my mom sooooooooooooooooo much. She is my best friend and I know I have to have my independence and all that but god do I miss her! I am planning a visit home in September so I can't wait for that.
 Well it's already May. 3 more months of my program and hopefully I will be here at Disney part time. Or maybe Universal. Who knows. Maybe both! :-D
 I'm sick again. Finally went to the doc and got an antibiotic. I have severe sinusitis, which is what Jason had last time we were sick. I got it this time. Ugh. How do teachers defend themselves against all the germs from working with kids?!
 Ok so I am more tired than I thought so on to Day Day #14 (almost finished!) : Your favorite kiss

Ok this is a toughie! I mean the Disney Kiss is....well, it's everything in the movies. There's the classic kisses, then there's the more modern Disney movies--I mean I honestly don't know! Snow White's kiss from her prince was pretty amazing, I mean it brought her back to life! And Phillip's kiss woke up Sleeping Beauty/Briar Rose. "True Love's Kiss". ha, is there such a thing?! Oh god, this is heading into a rant I wasn't planning on. I think I would have to say when Eric twirls Ariel around and kisses her and then the scene changes into their wedding. But I also love Tiana's and Naveen's kiss that breaks the spell and the dialogue "you just kissed yourself a princess". "and I'm about to do it again"  :-D 
 I'm a sucker for the disney kiss. It's classic. It's epic. It's magical. 

 And on that note, good night! :-)


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